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Steve Moed

About Us

Steven Moed had been building custom homes since 1990.  Steven has been an Indiana resident since 1977 where he attended Butler University in Indianapolis and was blessed to meet his wife Angel. Both are Butler University graduates. Angel’s family are lifelong Hamilton county residents.  Angel & Steven have resided in Hamilton County for the last 30 years with their children. Angel has decorated and staged custom homes for many of our clients and projects. Her company is Angel Lea Designs and can be contacted at angelleadesigns@yahoo.com. Steven is a principal real estate broker and a liscensed contractor in Indiana.

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Mission Statement

“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it is the wise choice of many alternatives.”

-Willa A. Foster-


“Steve Moed was extremely attentive to detail and spent a lot of time on our job site. Since we were moving from out-of-state, we had to relay on him to construct our home to our desires, He was very communicative and always provided us with options and the associated costs. Steve has an excellent crew of subcontractors that are loyal to him- something we witnesssed on many occaisions. We have built five homes and Steve Moed mad our last experience the best.”Randy & Roseanne S.

“Since we were gone during much of the construction of our new home in Carmel, we counted on Steve to ensure that work was completed on time and as planned. He came through above and beyond our expectations. The quality of the home is exceptional.” - Jim & Chris .

“In chosing our builder, we needed someone who understood space and how to create it and how to use it most effectively. The use of 15-foot ceilings, open rooms and large windows helped to creat the illusion of added space-very helpful with 5 children in our family. His unique ceiling treatments made all of the bedrooms seem more spacious. Working with Steve was a pleasure. He is a very caring and patient m,an who takes pride in his work, Any problems were quickly resolved. His company made our dream home come true.” - Tim & Cindy D.

“We want to thank you again for all of your hard work and expertise that went into building our new home- which we love. It wasn’t a cake walk, but we know that building with you made it as good and easy as possible. We appreciate the attention to detail and expectation of the quality you demand of your homes.. We are really proud to show this home to our friends and family. We’ll always be sure to give out your name with very high recommendation”.Dan & Julie C.

“Thank you for everything that you have done to make our new home- we are thrilled with it. You have done a terrific job and we really enjoyed working with you! “  – Todd & Mel H.

“You have built us a beautiful home and we are blessed to have the opportunity to raise our children in such a wonderful environment” - Tom & Dana D.

“We cannot thank you enough for making our dream home a reality. You were a true pleasure to work with and we know our home is so wonderful because of all your hard work. Thank you for your time, patience and profesionalism. “  – Scott & Lisa F.

Kitchen sunroom remodel below
“We are most pleased with the results of the project. The new space is so comfortable that we find ouselves spending a great deal of time in the kitchen area! The porch has been a real delight this summer. We have received many compliments and exclamations over the change in opur house and people have asked who did the work. We do thank you for handling this construction project for us. We appreciate the good job done! You may certainly use us as a refernce if you wish.” -  Frank & Ruth T.

“My family and I love our beautiful home that your company built and sold to us in 2006 in Carmel, Indiana. I also appreciate your hard work and great care on another project you completed for me. The project was the restoration of a fire damaged home in which your company restored it back to its original grandeur and the process was nothing short of amazing. I could not believe how you could recreate the original home without a trace of prior damage.

Your help redecorating the home done by your decorating staff far exceeded my expectations, the home was beautifully finished.

I look forward to working with you again on other projects in the near future.” – Sam S.